Sunday School


Every Catholic child’s enduring memory is that of Sunday School and all it entails: learning to pray correctly; quizzes and games; treasured prizes of medals, rosaries, prayer books and holy pictures; hearing about the lives of the saints; exploring the Good Book and understanding what it means to be Catholic – and, yes, studying Catechism.

Times change, but good things do not. Sunday School at Holy Name is still a much looked forward to weekly event in childhood’s calendar.


To build in each child the love of the Catholic faith; so that, well grounded in knowledge and moral values, they may become torchbearers in a pluralistic world.

In our Parish:

Sunday School, here, is conducted by a vibrant and energetic team:

  • KG, Std 1-3: Mrs. Theresa D'Silva and Mrs. Agnes D'Cunha
  • Std 4: Ms. Starra Fernandes and Mrs. Sharon Pires
  • Std 5: Sr. Tecla
  • Std 6: Mrs. Celiza Peters
  • Std 7: Sr. Greenal
  • Std 8-10: Mrs. Magdalene Joseph and Ms. Quincyann Vieira

At present there are 80 children altogether who attend every Sunday after the Children’s Mass (8.30 AM) link to Mass schedules?

Priest in charge: Fr. Michael Goveas Contact: 22020221

Lay Coordinator: Sabrina Viera (also in charge of RCIA)