Holy Name High School

From quiet anonymity to blazing headlines, this co-ed Parish School has lived the quintessential rags to riches story. The visit by the American President in office – Barack Obama – and his wife, Michelle, is an event that no other school can boast of. But more than this, Holy Name has achieved cent per cent results for three consecutive academic years for the first time since it started.

The school commenced in June 1939 due to the efforts of Fr. Tarcy Macarenhas, Asst. at Holy Name. Accommodated in a rented, ramshackle building, the school’s furniture was donated by St. Mary’s and St. Xavier’s while several ladies from the parish donated time, talent and materials. 100 pupils from economically disadvantaged families were admitted and 5 teachers ensured adequate tuition.

In May 1943, with 2000 students, Holy Name became a fully fledged High School but still did not have a proper building: classes were held in temporary sheds, in corridors and wherever space was available! The present structure was constructed under the aegis of the late Bishop William Gomes, assisted by the fund-raising efforts of the parish, and inaugurated by Cardinal Valerian Gracias on April 28, 1963. The structure has since been added to and modernized internally. The school, today, boasts of airy classrooms, wide corridors, a large quadrangle, state of the art facilities and premium education. And this benefit is still offered to the children of poorer families of the parish and the surrounding locality: it provides them the opportunity of an equal playing field with their better advantaged contemporaries, academically speaking. Deeply embedded in the syllabus are the values of tolerance, communal harmony, justice, peace, love, and an awareness of our ecology.

Today the school accommodates students and there are teachers on the rolls.

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Principal: Fr. John Lopez

Contact No:: 2202 1365


Fort Convent School

Fort Convent School, adjacent to the Cathedral, was opened in 1855. It is now a Government aided Secondary School which provides the SSC system of education to 1020 girls. Open to all castes and creeds, the school enjoys a reputation for academic excellence and, as past students will testify, the nuns and teachers have been instrumental in the all round development of every child, engaging them in a quest for excellence in every endeavour.

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Principal: Sr. Arina Gonsalves

Contact: 2202 0474


St. Anne's High School

St. Anne’s High School, Fort was established in1929 and is located at Grosvenor House, Madame Cama Road, about ten minutes walking distance from the Cathedral. An SSC School, it offers quality education to 1060 girls.

The ‘J&M’ Schools established prior to Independence, were pioneered by French, English, Spanish, Irish and American Sisters - each were stalwarts in their time. This standard has been carried forward by their Indian counterparts who have a well established reputation as educationists.

St. Anne’s, true to tradition, stands for academic excellence, development of skills, character formation and active participation in sports. As a social responsibility initiative, students help in coaching the weaker students of the Garden School.

St. Anne’s Open School provides school dropouts the opportunity to complete their education up to Std. X.

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Principal: Sr. Guilhermina Monteiro

Contact: 2202 0733


Prem Dan - The Garden School

The success of Prem Dan is the realisation of a dream. Sr. Felicity Morris, RJM started this school for impoverished children – girls and boys - who lived on the streets, begged for a living and had nothing and nowhere to call their own. October 1976 was when it all started, under a tree in the Wellington Back Gardens with thirteen children. They were washed, fed and given their first lessons. The emphasis was on teaching them English, a language that was totally alien to them. 35 years on, there is a more permanent structure: today, the children are provided with nutritious meals and a sound foundation through the pre-primary classes offered. Assistance is provided for admission to regular schools and colleges.

A formal sponsorship program was started in 1989 which saw an inflow of much needed finance. This is the only way that Prem Dan can exist as none of the students can pay fees. While some generous Corporates and individuals have made sure that Prem Dan continues its wonderful work, there is always a need for assistance for the growing number of children who need nurture and education.

Sr. Felicity, who had celebrated her 83rd birthday, is still very much at the helm. She is ably assisted by the dedicated Sisters of the Jesus & Mary congregation and a devoted team of teachers and helpers.

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In charge: Sr. Felicity Morris

Contact: 2284 1975 / 2281 5779

Campion School

Campion is a school for boys, founded in January 20,1943, by the Jesuits with the late Fr. Joseph Savall S.J. as the Founder Principal.

Initially housed on the Ground floor, 45 New Marine Lines, a rented premises, the school commenced with just 23 children. This increased to 70 boys by year end. In January 1948, the school was shifted to its originally intended site at Wellesley House opposite the Cooperage football ground, a few minutes’ walk away from the Cathedral. In 1956, Campion became a full fledged High School with 382 children on its rolls, recognized by both the University of Cambridge as an A - Certificate school, and by the SSC Board, Pune.

The school endeavours to bring about a fourfold transformation in its students: Social: to form men of substance; Intellectual: to develop the imaginative, the affective and the creative; Spiritual: to help nurture values and positive attitudes; Personal: to assist in the growth of a healthy self-image.

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Principal: Mr. P Machado

Contact No: 2202 0575