Religious in the Parish

The Parish of the Holy Name enjoys the presence of four religious congregations which make a significant contribution:
The Religious of Jesus and Mary (RJM)
The Poor Sisters of Our Lady (PSOL)
The Society of Jesus (SJ -popularly known as the Jesuits) and
The Society of the Blessed Sacrament (SSS - affectionately termed ‘Blessed Sacrament Fathers’).

Religious Of Jesus And Mary

Founded 1823 by St. Claudine Thevenet, France.

The Congregation set foot in India, at Agra, in 1842, the first religious community to do so. They owe their presence here to the four intrepid woman pioneers of their congregation who set out in bullock carts from Agra and reached Bombay on December 3, 1850 after a journey of roughly forty days. In the span of 161 years, they have set up several educational institutions in the metropolis and enjoy an outstanding reputation as educationists. Drawing inspiration from their Founder, they aspire to the dictum, ‘so form (these) children that they may be regarded as a blessing in every household they enter.’

The RJM run three schools in the Parish: Fort Convent, adjacent to the Cathedral, St. Anne’s which is on Madame Cama Road, a ten minute brisk walk from the Cathedral and Prem Dan or the Garden School which is located adjacent to St. Anne’s in what is known to locals as the ‘Back Garden’ – a large municipal playground which is overlooked by the rear entrances of the surrounding buildings, hence the name!
The nuns reside in two distinct communities:

At Fort Convent, above the school premises. Seven in number, they are: Srs. Arina Gonsalves (Superior and Principal), Felicity Morris, Lucia D'Silva, Alma Carvalo, Nancy D'Silva, Cresence Lopes, Ashwini Sardar.

Contact: 2202 0474 (School) 22881646 (Community – after school hours and holidays)

Eight Sisters live above the school premises at St. Anne’s. They are: Srs. Guilhermina Monteiro (Superior and Principal), Agnes Adhav, Anthony D’Souza, Bernard D’Souza, Louise Fernandes, Lucia D’Silva, Simlifer Mendonca, Sonali Lohale.

Contact: 2202 0733, 2204 8772 (the numbers are common for school and community)

The RJM Sisters also help with and are very active in the pastoral activities of the parish, animate the weekday Masses and are represented on the PPC.

The Poor Sisters Of Our Lady

Founded 1939 by Msgr. George Fernandes, Bombay.

This Congregation, now recognised as a Pontifical Institute, is our very own home-grown religious society. The Generalate, Stephen Hall, sits adjacent to Archbishop’s House and forms one ‘boundary’ of the complex of church buildings.

Integral to the Parish since their inception, which was brought about keeping in mind the needs of the Archdiocese, the PSOL are active in several areas, most notably in the maintenance and management of the households of the Archbishop and the Parish Fathers.

They are also involved in and responsible for taking care of the vestments and linen in the Sacristy as well as for preparing the kit for Mass for Cardinal Oswald Gracias.

The sisters animate the Liturgy for the 6.30am Sunday Mass and help with the distribution of Holy Communion at the other Sunday Masses.

Some sisters bring their cheerful presence to our parishioners while visiting the homes of the elderly and others take Holy Communion to some of the sick and the infirm who are housebound.

The PSOL are responsible for catechizing students at Sunday School Classes in our parish and also at R.C Church and conduct classes for those involved in RCIA (Rite of Catechumen Initiation of Adults). They are actively involved in Evangelization for the Proclamation Committee of the Archdiocese.

The Institute has grown and spread its wings in diverse directions, taking the message of the Gospel back to Europe from where the first missionaries came to India! Their apostolate now includes: schools, junior colleges, nurseries, polytechnic training centers, homes for the aged, shelters for homeless girls as well as dispensaries, through a spread of 34 houses in India and abroad.

They are seeking the beatification of their founder, Msgr. George Fernandes as part of the process which will lead to canonization.

At Stephen Hall: Srs. Matilda D'Mello (General), Elizabeth Jacob (Superior), Agnes D’Silva, Rose Vas, Joanna Sequiera, Martina Fernandes, Tecla Campos, Dorothy Pereira, Margarette D’Souza, Lizzy Mathew, Conception Machado, Philomena D'Souza, Shirley Noronha, Norma Fernandes, Angela Barretto, Gertude Jacinto, Lucie Noronha, Shobha, Namrata, Fatima Fernandes, Surekha, Mary Jacob.

Contact: 2202 0696, 2287 5349

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The Society Of Jesus

Founded (1534) 1540 by St. Ignatius of Loyola, Spain

The Jesuits need no introduction. Well known throughout the Archdiocese, they have been linked to this Parish since its inception and have been integral to the planning and building of the Cathedral. Best known for St. Francis Xavier after whom most of their Institutes are named and for their Founder, Ignatius, Jesuits have touched the lives of most of our parishioners in one way or another.

In this parish they run Campion School for boys which is, again, a few minutes’ walk from the Cathedral. Campion is recognized for its outstanding education, and is a much sought after institute, as generations will testify; fathers bring their sons to follow in their footsteps.

At present, there are three priests and one brother at the Campion Residence. The Fathers lend a hand in the Parish by celebrating Mass at the Convent chapels and engaging interested parishioners in deeper dialogue in matters of faith and contemporary living.

At Campion Residence: Frs. John Misquitta (Superior), Rudolf Heredia, Myron Pereira. Br. Felix D’Silva

Contact: 2202 2601

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The Society Of The Blessed Sacrament

Founded 1856 St. Peter Julian Eymard

The Blessed Sacrament Fathers were introduced in the Archdiocese on the occasion of the International Eucharistic Congress held in Bombay in 1964. On the last day of the Congress, at the end of the concluding Benediction, Cardinal Valerian Gracias carried, in procession, the monstrance used at the service from the Church to the Blessed Sacrament Chapel located adjacent o the Colaba Post Office. Since that time, the Fathers who staff the chapel have kept up the devotion to the Blessed Sacrament. Daily and Sunday Masses are offered at the Chapel, taking care of the parishioners who live at this farthest reach near the southern boundary of the Parish.

Mass Timings: Weekdays: 7.00 am and 6.30 pm

Sundays: 8.00 AM, 11.00 am, 6.30 pm

Daily Evening Liturgy of the Hours: 6 pm

The Blessed Sacrament is exposed for adoration: Monday to Saturday after 7.00 am mass to 12 noon, and 4.30 pm to 7.30 pm (including 6.30pm mass)

In residence: Fr. P Gnanasekar (Provincial and Superior), A Michael, Julian Prakash. Brs. Pascoal Godinho, Peter Paul D’Souza

Contact: 2215 0133 2218 8763

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(Background researched from: Cathedral of the Holy Name Bombay 1905 – 2005 by Cardinal Simon Pimenta)