Fr. Harold A Vaz


Born: April 17, 1951

Ordained: December 22, 1976

Contact no: (+91 22) 22020121

Our present Rector is no stranger to Holy Name. Though he has not been here as a priest, part of his youth was spent in this parish and perhaps the seeds of the vocation were sown here.

He was ordained a Diocesan Priest on 22nd December 1976 and served as an Asst. P.P at St. Ignatius, Jacob Circle, from June 1979 till 1981. Thereafter, he was placed, on probation, as a Lecturer at the Seminary. He was then deputed for higher ecclesiastical studies at the Pontifical Biblical Institute, 1981-85. After obtaining a Licentiate Degree in Scripture, Fr. Harry returned to India to be a resident Professor of Biblical Studies at St. Pius X College, the Archdiocesan Seminary in Goregaon, Mumbai. He now continues as visiting Professor. Fr. Harry also completed his doctoral studies in France and obtained a Doctorate in Theology from the Institute Catholique, Paris, in 1996. Besides, for about five years he was Faculty Member and Mentor of Power to Lead, a Christian Leadership Program for the Laity in Mumbai. He was also Rector of the Archdiocesan Seminary from 2007 till 2011.

During his early years in the Seminary, besides regular lectures, Fr. Harry was a formator, a group moderator and spiritual director to many seminarians. He has given Scripture courses at the Jesuit Regional Theologate (Nashik), Mater Dei Institute for Religious Women in Goa, and Ministry of the Word and Theology for the Laity in Mumbai.

Fr. Harry missed being a Pastor and engaging in the pastoral life of the community. So, while at the seminary, he remained involved through weekend ministries in different parishes, which included adult catechesis, confessions and counseling. He also enjoyed participating in the Youth Ministry during the years when Frs. Jude Botelho and Larry Pereira were Youth Ministry Directors at the Pastoral Centre.

Fr. Harry has served at Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Orlem in 1999-2000, two years as Priest-in-charge at St Joseph’s Church, Goregaon East (2003-2005) and most recently as Parish Priest of Our Lady of Egypt Church, Kalina, (2012-2016).

In his words, “I have indeed enjoyed and felt greatly fulfilled in a well balanced mixture of being a Professor of Sacred Scripture and also a pastor of God’s people.”

Fr. Nigel Barrett


Born: August 4, 1968

Ordained: April 18, 1998

Home Parish: St. Andrews, Bandra, Mumbai.

Contact no: (+91 22) 2202 0121

Email id:

Wearing his trademark twinkle in the eye and a rueful expression, Fr. Nigel is equally capable of blending into the background as making his presence felt. He also leaves you in no doubt that his heart is with the youth: not the ‘future’ generation but the ‘now’ generation who must no longer be kept in the wings but allowed centre stage. This is their rightful place because, “They have to be respected and given a feel of ownership over what they do.”

As a youngster he condemned the notion of the church and was disappointed in his encounters with the faith. However, when the call came, he took the decision to serve and we are lucky to be the beneficiaries of an unusual vocation.

Having studied at Khalsa College and graduated in Commerce, his love for studies lead him to complete the Company Secretary course, before the Call came his way. During his days in the seminary he was known for his abilities on the sporting field and in drama. He spent a good number of years during his seminary training in what was known as the ‘slum project’. It was an attempt to live and identify with the poor and the marginalized and theologize in that context. His first appointment was as an Assistant at Infant Jesus Church, Dombivli where he served for 8 years. This was followed by 6 years at Our Lady of Lourdes, Orlem, where he also served as an assistant. The desire for knowledge and education did not desert him as he completed first his Masters in Social Communication and, later, his Doctorate from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Fr. Nigel’s strengths lie in organization and communication and he gets ample opportunity to demonstrate both as Asst. Parish Priest and at the Catholic Communication Centre which is taking the Catholic Church into the digital age.

One cannot speak of Fr. Nigel without mentioning Tuck, his faithful companion. A gift from a close friend, Tuck and Fr. Nigel have now become inseparable; so if you choose to invite Fr. Nigel over be ready to have his friend along too. Do not be surprised if you find yourself agreeing with Fr. Nigel that Tuck is better behaved and has better manners! Tuck does have a royal life with toys and treats always spread around – gifts (and bribes?) from doting friends. Now, who wouldn’t want to lead a dog’s life?

Fr. John Lopez


Born: June 12, 1960

Ordained: April 1, 1990

Contact no: (+91 22) 2202 0121

Fr. John has spent 18 out of his 25 years as a priest in the field of education. He loves children and likes to teach them, passing on the flame of learning to the next generation. His primary goal, as the new Principal, is to see that the school gets 100 per cent results at the next SSC examinations, and he has plans in place to help the students be better prepared to face public examinations.

In the Parish, Fr. John will visit the areas that he is in charge of and get to know his flock a little better. He will also be the spiritual director of the parish Conference of St. Vincent de Paul.

We wish him every success for his work in the Lord’s vineyard.

Fr. Michael D’Cunha

Born: September 29, 1978

Ordained: March 21, 2009

Home Parish: St. Jude's Church Malad East

Contact No.: (91.22) 22020121 Extn.: 32

Fr. Michael comes a religious and pious family brought up in an atmosphere of prayer and reflection. That where the seeds of his vocation were sown, in school Fr. Michael was an altar server in his Parish St. Jude’s (Malad East)

As a youth Fr. Michael journeyed away from the church and was on the verge of leaving the church. It was during this time that Fr. Michael was studying Hotel Management in Chennai. As a paying guest at St. Thomas Mount, Fr. Michael spent a lot of time reading and reflecting on thoughts about life and religion. While reading the Catechism of the Catholic Church He soon realized how wrong he had been about the Church and saw the Church for what it really is. After doing a retreat he started discerning a vocation to the Priesthood and discovered the joy in giving yourself in service to others. It was at this time with the help of his spiritual director Fr. Roland Fialho that the idea of Priesthood emerged. God had his way and Fr. Michael sung from one end of the pendulum to the other. Under the advice of his spiritual director he took us a job as a chef in Dubai and later worked as a pastry chef in a reputed hotel in Mumbai before taking the plunge into priesthood.

The readings from “Saint John of the Cross”– challenged Fr. Michael to grow and mature in faith. The writings of these spiritual great and the love of scripture have shaped his priesthood. Fr. Michael began his Priestly ministry at St. Michael’s Mahim and later at Gloria Church at Byculla for two years. Now at The Cathedral of the Holy Name Fr. Michael is looking forward to immersing myself in ministry.