Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) is made up of the elected representatives from the nine communities, representatives from the main associations of the parish and nominated members from the unrepresented areas of the parish. It also includes the members of the clergy and the Superiors of the Religious Congregations, who are ex-officio members.

As the Parish Pastoral Council begins a new year 2015-16, the SCC zones have been re-formed and re-organised for better co-ordination and to create a greater awareness in the community. Earlier there were 11 communities which have now been reduced to 9. This has been effective from 1st May 2015.

The PPC meets regularly every first Monday after the 6.30 PM Mass. Duties and responsibilities include reporting/feedback on Parish and SCC activities, planning for future events and taking up issues that affect the Parish as a whole.

The current team is:

  1. Fr. Harry Vaz
    Rector (President)

  2. Fr. John Lopez
    Principal, Holy Name School

  3. Fr. Joaquim DaCosta

  4. Fr. Nigel Barrett

  5. Fr. Navin Mendonca

  6. Sr. Arina Gonsalves
    Principal, Fort Convent SchooC

  7. Sr. Laila D'souza
    Principal, St. Anne’s School

  8. Sr. Elizabeth Jacob
    Poor Sisters of Our Lady

  9. Barbara Craven
    Vice- President

  10. Nita Joseph

  11. Robert DLima

    coordinator Steering team

  12. Anita Fernandes

  13. Christabelle Fernandes

  14. Daniel Sequeira

  15. Priya D'souza

  16. Michael Vellalam

  17. Maria braganza

  18. Nevin Peters

  19. Perpetua Lobo

  20. Primrose Dsouza

  21. Doris Dsilva

  22. Abalon fernandes

  23. Hilda Pinto

  24. Vanessa dsouza