The Cathedral Music Ministry


The Cathedral Choir is well known throughout the Archdiocese. Under the guidance of the very talented Mario Nazareth, who received the baton from the late Fr. Stephen Nazareth, the choir has grown from strength to strength. Mario inherited the Cathedral Choir at a very young age indeed and in his own words: “The sheer enormity of the task did overwhelm me, but the choir members accepted me with all my shortcomings…” With the passing of time and the accumulated experience, the choir has widened its repertoire and voices have been moulded into exquisite four part harmony.

The Choir has two sections: The Children’s Choir and Senior Choir. There are a number of members who have graduated from one to the other.

The Senior Choir consists of a unique mix of young and old voices. The members are deeply committed; some have even completed their silver jubilee with the choir. Others are close to the golden jubilee mark! Members join the choir for the love of music, blending and bonding and do not necessarily have a prior grounding or any musical training.

This gifted group is now venturing into e-learning so as to make it easier and convenient for all the members to rehearse in spite of their busy and hectic schedules.


The Cathedral Choir aims at enriching the liturgical services held in the Parish.

In the Parish

The Cathedral Choir sings at the Parish Mass, special feasts and liturgies, occasions, and festivals in the Parish. They also attempt secular compositions to enhance the musicality of the group and have had many very successful public performances: they have performed with some of India’s leading musicians and have participated in the Bombay Chamber Orchestra concert series. Although there is an undoubted focus on sacred music, the choir’s repertoire is wide and varied, encompassing polyphonic and atonal music, classics and jazz.

Person in charge (Conductor) – Mr. Mario Nazareth