The Parish bulletin first appeared in 1938 as The Holy Name Magazine, a full 33 years after the parish was established.

"The pages of this bulletin gave a fairly good insight into the variety and complexity of parish activity marching onward to a healthy and vibrant spiritual life. Till the end of 1950 the magazine came together with the Messenger of the Sacred Heart. From January 1951, it was published separately under the title Holy Name Record."

- excerpted from 'Cathedral of the Holy Name, Bombay (1905 – 2005)' by Cardinal Simon Pimenta

Like the parish it represents, the Holy Name Record has evolved over time; its new format is larger, colourful and glossy. It now appears as a quarterly but still provides timely updates on Parish happenings and events; every edition carries an editorial from the Rector appropriate to the liturgical season. Also included are profiles of the priests and parishioners and announcements and requests. Sometimes, if space permits, there are handy hints, recipes and craft instructions. The compilation has been handled over the years by willing parishioners, and the bulletin does not lack for talented contributors!

Current Editor: Margaret da Costa

Email id: editor.hnrecord@gmail.com

Priest in Charge: Fr. Caesar D'Mello, Rector