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Our Vision

"To unitedly empower communities to be witnesses of the compassionate love of Jesus."

Our Mission

"To be a united parish community"

"To be an empowering community"

"To be a witnessing community"

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From the Cathedral of The Holy Name…

To the people of a Parish, their Church is precious. It is where they gather for worship, where they receive the sacraments, where they are taught the meaning of 'community', where they mark the special seasons of the Church and where they get to know their priests – it is the core, the centre, the heart. The Parish church is the immutable structure that bears witness to the life of a Parish from birth to death.

There are some churches which, by their association and historicity, are elevated in rank. As the seat of the Archbishop, I – the Cathedral of The Holly Name - have witnessed landmark events in the journey in faith of the whole Archdiocese. My architecture and adornment are unique in this city. Yet, I am still a Parish Church: a place for quiet reflection and communion, a place for celebration and praise, a place that parishioners and visitors carry with them, through the memories of generations.

Visit me, meet my people. To all who enter here, welcome.

Mass Schedules

Events & Functions

Mass Timings from June 1st 2016

From Wednesday 1st June, we revert to the old Mass Schedules. - On week days : 6.30, 7...


Holy Week Servicese 2016

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Sunday Mass for May2016

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20 th /21 th August 2016

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13th/14th August 2016

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Announcements 30th/31st July 2016

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